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Who are we?

The evolution of Scizzrs

Scizzrs is a technology platform that connects top hair professionals (barbers and hairstylists) and customers to sell products, deliver services anywhere, on-demand. Our mission is to enable individuals to save time and be in control of their own financial destiny.

Scizzrs is the reimagination of a classic industry. We are taking the hair styling and grooming industry and turning it on its head – for the better.

Premium in-house hair styling services – which were previously only available to high-profile clients – are becoming a necessity due to increasing demands on the modern person’s time.

You’re busier than ever – you know it, and we know it, too.

Getting your haircut or hairstyle right where you happen to be at any time during the day – without a wait or a drive – is, without a doubt, the ultimate way to streamline this process.

Scizzrs is a collaboration between entrepreneurial minds with a passion for hair, stylists, barbers, and developers who each believe the way haircuts & hair services have been done in the past is not the way they will be done in the future. The convenience of having a hair professional come to your location simply can’t be beaten for comfort and the amount of time saved.

Our Company Mission

The mission of Scizzrs is to be a leader on the forefront of the “convenience revolution,” bringing leading hair styling services to your most comfortable location, whether that be your home, office, salon, or hotel.

Our Vision

Connecting customers with stylists and barbers to create new opportunities is only the beginning. Better  communities, more freedom, and less stressful lives are the results.

Who we are?

Our Team

These are the people who make Scizzrs possible. The visionaries, the technical powerhouses, the customer-obsessed leaders.

Let us introduce you…

Frederick Akpoghene

Frederick Akpoghene

Co-founder / CEO

Adebayo Omoyeni

Adebayo Omoyeni

Co-founder / CFO

Nimbe Oviosu

Nimbe Oviosu

Co-founder / CTO

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Scizzrs is the fastest, most convenient way to get your haircut or your next greatest hairstyle. It’s simple, saves you time, and helps you find reputable, experienced stylists and barbers who will come to you. Your perfect haircut or hairstyle is only a download and a few clicks away.
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