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Who are we?

The evolution of Scizzrs

  Scizzrs started as a Software company and pivoted to hardware, a vertical integration strategy to build a better logistics network aimed at reducing and eliminating the inefficiencies involved in getting the personal care we need; from beauty services to Health care services like tele-medicine exploded during the lockdown.
  The founders have deep backgrounds in Hardware Manufacturing, software engineering, Global operations, Policy advisory, Global operations, product development, corporate finance, and bringing consumer technology products to market. They are currently raising a $3 million round from accredited investors, Angel Investors & VCs.
The Scizzrs team recently completed the Nasdaq Milestone Maker’s program and has been mentioned in the press a few times as a top black tech led company to invest in for 2021. The company has traction from several executed pilots across the Miami, New York Metropolis, Houston and Dallas prior and during COVID. To invest, contact Scizzrs at info@scizzrs.com 

Our Company Mission

Scizzrs mission is to enable individuals save time and take control of their financial destiny. 

Our Vision

To build the world’s largest platform for connecting and empowering untapped communities.

Who we are?

Our Team

These are the people who make Scizzrs possible. The visionaries, the technical powerhouses, the customer-obsessed leaders.

Let us introduce you…

Frederick Akpoghene

Frederick Akpoghene

Co-founder / CEO

Adebayo Omoyeni

Adebayo Omoyeni

Co-founder / CFO

Nimbe Oviosu

Nimbe Oviosu

Co-founder / CTO

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Scizzrs is the fastest, most convenient way to get your personal care  services like beauty services, car wash or tele-medicine related. It’s simple, saves you time, and helps you find reputable, experienced Personal Care service providers who will come to you. Saving time and taking control of your financial destiny is only a download and a few clicks away.
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